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Helping the planet,

One cookie
at a time.


ISSHO is a simple concept - one that is built on the idea of togetherness.  This idea came to us as we witnessed our city being turned upside down by the coronavirus.  Like everyone, we were secluded in our homes and away from our loved ones.  Togetherness never felt more important.

Bakeries were once used as a place of communal gathering.  They were places to for loved ones and the community to mingle, to gossip, and to celebrate.  They were, in essence, a place for togetherness. 

So in early 2020, ISSHO was born.  Located in Toronto, Ontario we are a local Canadian bakery that strives to use the best ingredients and practices in creating our artisanal bake goods.  By combining ingredients from local purveyors and freshly milled flour, we create a delicious product that is packed with flavor and loaded with nutrients.  We hope that by sharing our delicious baked goods with you, you too can take on this idea of "issho" and create lasting memories with your loved ones.


You can read more about our love for flour and the milling process here.

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