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The Baker & Pastry Chef

Martin and Yuka have worked and trained in Michelin restaurants, chocolate & pastry shops, and bakeries in New York, Vancouver and Melbourne.  Over the past seven years, their travels and experience has helped shape their philosophy in food:  utilising the best seasonal ingredients, showcasing an appreciation for unique flavors of different cultures and supporting local producers.

They strongly believe long lasting memories can be created with delicious food.  Whether it's sharing a chocolate cookie over a glass of warm milk or hosting a pizza party, they aim to help create that experience through their products and resource blog.

Wheat Philosophy

Flour is a fundamental ingredient for any bakery.  It contributes to the structure, texture and flavour in each baked good.  When the right flour is used, you can create the perfect cookie or loaf of bread.  Our goal is to bring out the best qualities of the flour in all our products.

In order for us to use the best quality of flour, we need great farmers and millers.  Through your support, we can create a market for grains that helps local farmers improve their margins while continuing the practice of sustainable agriculture.

At the bakery we use flour milled by a local miller in Fergus, Ontario: 1847 Stone Milling.  They source only 100% certified organic grains that ensure sustainable agricultural practices (free from GMOs, pesticides or herbicides)


They work with farmers who focus on the care of their land and the grains they produce. The result is healthier flour with unique flavour profiles that reflect the land from where it grew.



Sourdough baked goods stay fresh longer and have a unique depth of flavor.  The fermentation process breaks down the complex carbohydrate and proteins so that it's easy to digest.


The gentle process of stone milling flour helps keep the nutrients and flavour in our quality baked products.  It's a win-win for everyone!


We believe that it's important to have a positive impact on our community.   We can do this by supporting local producers by using methods that reduce our environmental impact.  We hope this reflects in the quality of our products that we are creating for you to enjoy.

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