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When I was young, I always looked forward to our large family gatherings.  There was always a lot of food packed full of flavor.  Most of my childhood memories revolves around food.  I would always want to help in the kitchen and taste everything.  I didn't pursue my baking and pastry career until after obtaining my business and marketing degree.

I have spent seven years in the food industry and it has allowed me to live in different parts of the world.  I was  exposed to numerous different cultures and cuisines that have helped broaden my knowledge in food.  My culinary adventure began in the hustle and bustling New York City before moving to Vancouver, Melbourne and Victoria.  It was in Melbourne where my love for bread baking began.

Bread baking has helped me understand that flour isn't just flour.  There is much more to flour than All Purpose Flour, Bread Flour or Cake Flour that you see in grocery stores.  The importance of wheat has been lost and I hope by enjoying our products, we can help re-educate the community in the value and diversity of wheat.

About Us

At ISAN KOMUGI, our goal is to create an inviting space for the local community to pause and take a break from their day to day errands.  

Upon arrival, you can expect to find a variety of savory and sweet delectables created with care and quality ingredients.  We strongly support using stone milled flour in our baked goods as it provides an improved flavor while maximizing nutritional benefits. 


We will be working with local farmers who practice sustainable methods of agriculture  that yields flavorful produce.  With each season, items on our menu will change to highlight our farmers' bounties.

Our Philosophy

We believe that as a business, we have a social responsibility to be a positive impact in society.   We strive to cultivate an atmosphere that supports the growth of our team members while implementing practices that reduce our environmental impact.


I've always known that I would end up working with food.  Ever since I was a child, I have always had the biggest sweet tooth.  I knew I wanted to become a pastry chef. 

I began my pastry apprenticeship in beautiful Vancouver where I built my foundation of pastry and chocolate work.  After four years, I decided to travel and grow as an individual and professionally. 


I moved across the pond to Melbourne, Australia.  I was able to refine my chocolate skills while soaking in the amazing art, food, and coffee culture. 

When our Visas expired, we moved back to Victoria, BC where I became the pastry chef at The Courtney Room.  At the restaurant, I was able to express my creativity by creating desserts that highlighted the fresh produce on the island.

My experiences in Melbourne and Victoria has helped me realize the importance of sustainable agriculture.  Fresh, tasty and beautiful produce were easily accessible.  I hope by using seasonal produce, we can help increase our community's standards for locally grown, delicious fruits and vegetables.

Welcome to our online bakery! 


Our names are Martin and Yuka  and we are the bakers and owners of ISSHO.  We both have a strong love for food and we hope our passion shows in the quality of our products.

We have taken quite some time in developing ISSHO.  Some of the common challenges we faced were: finding the perfect location and financing for professional equipment.  As Covid-19 began to change everyone's lifestyle, the demand for delivered goods has increased dramatically.  At this point, we decided to start with an online bakery so that we can bring you treats that you can enjoy in the comforts of your home.

Our journey has just begun and we are happy that you are a part of it.  We would like to thank you for supporting us and sharing in our dreams.  When the time is right, we hope to open a brick and mortar location for everyone to gather and enjoy.

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