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Honey from a local beekeeper is the best way to find great tasting honey.  Knotty Coppertop Honey is produced in Sparta, Ontario on the fenceline between two organic farms.  The bees have all Spring and Summer to do their work, and so the flavours of two season's worth of flowering plants are present in the honey - dandelions in May, black locust and basswood in June, milkweed in July, goldenrod and aster in August and September.


OUT OF STOCK: Our newest addition, Creamed Honey!  The honey is crystalized through a process similar to the sugar rock cyrstal experiment.  Mike, the beekeeper, kickstarts the seeding process by introducing honey harvested by the stingless Mayan bees.  The result of this process is a honey that has an ideal texture for spreading on to breads or muffins.


You can read more about how honey is made from our post covering topics of local honey vs imported honey.

Knotty Coppertop Unpasteurized Honey - Spring/Summer Floral Blend 500g

  • As an unpasteurized product, it is not recommended for pregnant women or babies under 1 year old.  Please confer with your doctor before consuming.

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