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Honey from a beekeeper who respects the wellbeing of bees tend to have the best tasting honey.  Miels D'Anicet is located 275 km north of Montreal, at the foot of the Montagne du Diable.  The farm is nestled in a land full of sinuous valleys of wooded hills, prairies, lakes and rivers. A wild and forest region, free of intensive agriculture, making it an environment of high quality for our 1,000-beehive apiary. 


Raw Honey is excellent for your health as it is never filtered or heated.  It retains traces of pollen, propolis and beeswax as well as its original properties and aromas. Freshly harvested, it is in a liquid state, but it crystallizes quickly and smoothly into a spreadlike consistency due to the absence of heat in the extraction process. 


Harvested at the end of July | Description of taste

Harvested at the end of July. Honeydew is a specific honey collected by bees in the forest. In times of flower scarcity or drought, the bees will turn to the forest to find sources of nectar. They will suck up the sugars exuded by aphids that are found on trees, mainly conifers, and transform these sugars into honey. Honeydew is therefore not made up of flower nectar, but of aphid exudate!


Honeydew is characterized by a more caramelized, less floral taste. It is soft with a lovely golden-brown hue.


Taste | Soft and warm The honeydew reveals caramelized, malty and butterscotch notes. A real treat on toast and good butter or to accompany roasted root vegetables.


You can read more about how honey is made from our post covering topics of local honey vs imported honey.

Miels D'Anicet Honeydew 340g - Raw

  • As an unpasteurized product, it is not recommended for pregnant women or babies under 1 year old.  Please confer with your doctor before consuming.

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